Coffee with commitment

Our plan to drive positive change.

Keeping the world's cup full, sustainably

Costa Coffee Sustainability Coffee with CommitmentWe understand the power that a truly great coffee holds. It can give us a boost when we need it most, or a moment of calm in a hectic day. Your favourite coffee also has the ability to uplift the lives of the people who grow it, the expert baristas who craft it, the communities that drink it, and the environment we all depend on.

Our sustainability programme, Coffee with Commitment, is our action plan to drive positive change in the areas where we can have the greatest impact, and that matter most to our teams, suppliers, partners and our consumers. It considers everything that's poured into your cup of perfectly crafted coffee – the ingredients you can see, as well as the ones you can't.

Our core commitments


Sourcing coffee beans in a way that positively impacts nature and farmers.

Cups and packaging

Championing circular cups and packaging solutions.


Cutting emissions (in-line with climate science) to reach Net Zero by 2040.


Uplifting communities and acting on the issues that matter to them.

The Costa Foundation

Through the power of education our charity, the Costa Foundation, aims to eradicate poverty in coffee-growing communities. With your help a donation today can change a child's life and make a huge difference to the communities they're a part of. Learn about how we make a difference here.

Costa Foundation